The BUM series

Described as a series of ‘carefully plotted comedy thrillers, one part Lara Croft adventure and two parts Monty Python daftness’, the epic BUM/BUTT trilogy tells the story of Zack Freeman, his crazy runaway bum, a crack bum-fighting unit called the B-team and some of the biggest, ugliest and meanest bums ever to roam the face of the Earth. In Book One (The Day my Bum Went Psycho) Zack foils a worldwide bum rebellion. In Book Two (Zombie Bums from Uranus) he fights an intergalactic bum invasion and in Book Three (Bumageddon: The Final Pongflict) he travels back in time to fight a terrifying range of prehistoric bumosaurs. The trilogy is accompanied by an illustrated guide to prehistoric bumosaur life (What Bumosaur is That?). Some people believe that the bum series books are the worst books ever written in the history of the world. Others believe that they are the funniest. Who is right? You be the judge!

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Praise for The Bum Series

The Day My Bum Went Psycho:
"A carefully plotted comedy thriller, one part Lara Croft adventure and two parts Monty Python daftness." (The Sunday Age)

Zombie Bums from Uranus:
"...a slick, fast plot with surprise twists and the same ruthless comic logic Griffiths applied to his 'Just...' stories." (The Age)

"Andy Griffiths' sense of the stupid and subversive goes up to the top of the hill and down the other side in Bumaggedon." (South China Morning Post)

"If your children like Roald Dahl, they'll enjoy this." (Aust Womens Weekly)