Packed with crazy cartoons, revolting rhymes, putrid poems, dumb drawings, bad riddles, bad jokes, cautionary tales and bad characters doing bad things, the Bad Books will catapult you into a topsy-turvy world in which everything good is bad and everything bad is VERY bad!

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Praise for The BAD BOOKS

The Bad Book:
"Brilliant. Exactly the sort of book children need. It teaches them to think outside the square. It teaches them childishness and creativity... and contains those qualities that move the world forward." (Professor John Lidstone, QUT)

The Very Bad Book:
"The Very Bad Book is very, very good! I recommend you read it to your parents to freak them out. Don’t try the things in this book at home. That includes: no riding guinea pigs, no feeding dynamite to dogs and no eating dead flies. I love Andy Griffiths books!!" (Rose, age 7)

"I absolutely loved this book. Readers will enjoy the lively mix of cartoons, snappy jokes and poems, and slightly longer stories. Griffiths and Denton cleverly recognise that the temptation to read something 'a bit naughty' is quite a drawcard among young readers, particularly the reluctant kind. This is an explosive, very bad read!" (Australian Bookseller & Publisher Magazine)

Killer Koalas from Outer Space:
"The genius of this subversive little tome lies in its perfect combination of zany subject matter that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers and a format that make it easily accessible to beginning and struggling readers." (Kirkus Reviews, starred review)

"With a tone that veers between crass and cautionary, the nonstop absurdities and blatant hyperbole will easily find an audience with middle-graders." (Booklist)

"…Andy Griffiths kicks up the silliness a few notches in this collection of ridiculous stories featuring zombie kittens, rocket stealing ants, and, of course, killer koalas from outer space." (

"…plenty of kids who will laugh their heads off…" (Publishers Weekly)

"For the reluctant reader, this one's a winner. Zany, goofy and outlandish antics fill this mixed-media treasure trove of jokes, poems, cartoons, and more." (Scholastic Parent & Child magazine)