A joyously silly series propelled by kid-pleasing, tongue-tripping verse and edgy, stick-figure-filled illustrations. Ideal for beginning or reluctant readers, but will delight readers of all ages and abilities.

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Praise for Flat Cat & Big Fat Cow

"For the first time, my seven and a half year old twins wanted to read tonight. We had bought a copy of the big fat cow book...they have been really struggling, but the look on their faces tonight when they found a book they could not only enjoy but also read was so special. Thank you for writing a book for kids who have difficulties learning to read. Please write more. lots more." (Maureen Germein)

"Imagine the outcome if Dr. Seuss, Dav Pilkey, and Lane Smith were locked in a room until they came up with a book for beginning or reluctant readers. These nine rhyming stories have action galore, plenty of dialogue, and ample pen-and-ink illustrations, all wrapped up in humor... even young people who are struggling to get the hang of reading may happily handle all 176 crazy pages." (School Library Journal)

"Griffiths's innovative book for beginning readers collects nine short, intentionally silly snippets propelled by kid-pleasing, tongue-tripping verse... Denton's edgy, stick-figure-filled sketches enhance the zaniness factor and the offbeat, ironic humor." (Publishers Weekly)

"Take one part Dr. Seuss, one part Edward Lear, place in a blender with a dash of Dav Pilkey and a bit of Cartoon Network juice... meant to be read as pure joy. It's a piece of candy eaten in secret between meals." (The Excelsior File)

"Every age group found the frantic, manic and utterly absurd stories which these 'poems' potrayed, utterly hilarious." (Magpies)